Crystal Antlers

1. Until The Sun Dies (Part 2)
2. Vexation
3. A Thousand Eyes
4. Owl
5. Arcturus
6. Parting Song For The Torn Sky

If the words “chimney sweep” and “soul psychedelia” don’t go together in your mind, they just may after you take a listen to Crystal Antlers’ debut EP, the beguilingly titled EP. When the band formed in 2006, three of it’s members—including lead singer and bassist Jonny Bell—were in fact working as chimney sweeps and playing out constantly in SoCal. Getting dirty by day and by night, the band recorded two 7-inch singles before settling down to record this EP with the Mars Volta’s Ikey Owens. When the band sent us a copy earlier this year, we were blown away by its swirling guitars, dramatic organ clamor, and relentless blending of influences ranging from cinematic psych to noisy soul punk.

“Long Beach’s Crystal Antlers have mastered the art of thrash, that combustible build-up of noise and melody that so many others have tried to harness, only to fail in a miserable pool of fuzzy annoyance.” OC Weekly

“As much as it diverges from the brain-frying aim of typical psych-rock outings, EP is an unorthodox summer record-- not so much for driving to the beach as actually being in its sweltering grasp, equal parts scorched earth and wide open spaces.” Pitchfork

“Unashamed, unafraid, gritty hot-mess melodies that take cues from the Stooges, Joe Cocker, Screamin' Jay Hawkins (rest his soul) and Ozzy Osbourne.” LA Weekly

Band Personnel:
Jonny Bell- Bass, Vocals, Woodwinds, head chimney sweep/ CEO
Victor Rodriguez- Organ, son of professional Mariachi, Chihuahua enthusiast, hair
Kevin Stuart- Drums, industrial kitchen appliance repairs, lady killer
Damian Sexual Chocolate Edwards- Percussion (standing), Disneyland caterer
Andrew King- Guitar, used car salesman, 80’s h/c prodigal savant

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