Both alarming and charming, Polvo's eclectic sound and style is absolutely unmistakable. It could be said that Polvo was the guitar band of the nineties, and that sentiment still holds true today. The band truly existed on its own island, somewhere between the Eastern Indian Peninsula and the Aleutians...which left a lot of space to roam around. What's more, Polvo was not only unique but prolific, putting out one or two releases a year during the band.s initial lifespan.

Polvo didn't just spark after a night of drinking too many PBRs at some rowdy house party. Dave Brylawski (vocalist/guitarist) and Steve Popson (bassist) have been friends since they were nine years old. In 1986, Brylawski met Ash Bowie (vocalist/guitarist) and Eddie Watkins (drummer) while attending the University of North Carolina. With Popson a mere 20 minutes down the road at NC State, jam sessions were frequent and developmentally pointed. In late 1989, with reasonable goals in mind - to perform at local rock venue the Cat's Cradle and to put out a seven-inch record - Polvo took the first small steps to making themselves one of the quintessential indie rock bands of the era. Eight years, four full lengths, three EPs, and yes, several seven inches later, the quartet agreeably disbanded in 1998.

Over the next ten years, the members remained close while attending to their own personal interests in separate careers and musical outlets (Popson and Brylawski are also currently members of Black Taj). Periodically, they discussed reuniting to perform, but it wasn't until 2008, when Polvo was asked to perform at the Explosions In The Sky-curated All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, that the band decided the time was right to play again (with ex-Cherry Valence drummer Brian Quast replacing Watkins). The band isn't planning too far ahead, however - they're taking things one huge festival at a time. Along the way, though, they'll likely pick up where they left off in '98: revisiting old jams, enjoying lifelong musical connections, and rocking the bajeesus out of anyone who's lucky enough to see them play.

Furthermore, Polvo will take you to the blacktop AND take you to the hole. They are one of an elite few bands that not only play together as a band, but also as a ball team. Yeah, they got game. They got skills. You'll be moving in slow motion.