Pinback Interviewed for Podcast

In tandem with the beginning of an extensive summer tour across the U.S., Rob and Zach from Pinback took a little side trip to the offices of on Tuesday, April 25 to record a Podcast about some of their favorite records.

Chris Rolls of joined Pinback's founding members to discuss the music that most helped in informing their musical sensibilities. Rob and Zach choose five records that have sincerely impacted them over the years as songwriters while remaining mindful of the subjective nature of the list-making task.

Other topics include the practical use of record reviews, video games, Rob and Zach's mutual loath for the Rolling Stones, the gent's approach to creativity amid their countless influences and, last but not least, Touch and Go! Rob and Zach's sense of humor, insight and unique perspectives make this a very worthwhile listen. You don't have to keep listening to us babble about it though. You already know we like Pinback! Click the link below to be directed to the "Great Albums: Pinback" feature.

Great Albums: Pinback on