Open-end exhibit to feature Touch and Go/Quarterstick artists

By this point, itís widely-known that, for our 25th birthday, we decided to celebrate with our friends by throwing a bit of a party. What's not so widely-known is that, for many of our artists, music is just a fraction of their creative lives working in a wide variety of artistic media. In addition to celebrating their music, we would like to recognize their talents and accomplishments in the visual arts.

Thatís why, in conjunction with the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Block Party, Chicago art gallery, open-end, will be hosting an exhibition of visual art by the same artists gracing The Hideoutís block party stage on September 8-10.

A group of twelve Touch and Go / Quarterstick Records artists accepted an invitation to pack a few canvases alongside their instrumental cargo and hang them in open-endís space on 2000 W Fulton Ave from September 4-8. The assortment of pieces on display will include painting, sculpture, photography and Mekon art (yes, it is a newly certified genre). Open-endís Directors, Marshall Preheim and Kevin Schuhl, will be aiding artists in readying the exhibit to be opened to the public. The list of artists contributing to the event includes the following:

Jon Langford (Mekons)
Eric Bellis (Rico Bell / Mekons)
Tim Kerr (Big Boys)
Mick Turner (Dirty Three)
Bianca Casady (CocoRosie)
Pall Jenkins (The Black Heart Procession)
Tom Greenhalgh (Mekons)
Tara Jane ONeil
Sam Coomes (Quasi)
Tim Harriss (Kepone)
Jeff Mueller (Shipping News)
Jason Noble (Shipping News)

Open-end will be open on weekdays preceding the Block PartyóMonday, September 4 through Friday, September 8 from 9-6 pm. For more information on the art space (parking, directions, etc.), call (312) 738-2140.