Final Schedule for Anniversary Celebration Announced

What started out as a genuine attempt to keep people informed has turned into something that resembles a weekly newsletter. We’re sorry we keep piling on the info, but when we’ve got news, we just need to share it.

Once we had the band line-up in cement, it only made sense to determine when these bands would actually play. After much head-scratching, brow-furrowing, and hand-wringing we’ve finally got a schedule. Without further ado (but subject to change without notice):

Friday, September 8
9:00pm - !!!
8:00pm - Ted Leo + Pharmacists
7:00pm - Girls Against Boys
6:00pm - Supersystem
5:00pm - The Shipping News

Saturday, September 9
9:00pm - Shellac
8:40pm - Big Black
7:45pm - Man…or Astroman?
6:50pm - Scratch Acid
6:30pm - Sally Timms
6:00pm - Negative Approach
5:40pm - PW Long
4:55pm - Didjits
4:35pm - Jon & Kat (Mekons/The Ex)
3:50pm - Killdozer
2:55pm - The Ex
2:35pm - Tim & Andy (Silkworm)
1:50pm - Pegboy
12:55pm - Uzeda
12:00pm - The New Year

Sunday, September 10
9:00pm - Calexico
8:00pm - Pinback
7:00pm - CocoRosie
6:05pm - The Black Heart Procession
5:45pm - Brick Layer Cake
5:00pm - Seam
4:40pm - Tara Jane O’Neil
3:55pm - Three Mile Pilot
3:00pm - Enon
2:00pm - The Monorchid
1:00pm - Quasi
12:00pm - Arcwelder

Yes, we know…these times are insanely precise. We’d like nothing more than for the festival to run exactly as listed, but with 30 performances on two stages over three days, there’s bound to be some overrun.

In case you forgot:
Touch and Go 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Hideout 10th Annual Block Party
September 8-10th, 2006
The Hideout - 1354 W. Wabansia, Chicago, IL
3-day passes and single tickets available: ticketweb or The Hideout (business hours only).
For all the complete information, please visit or