Calexico performance to air on Austin City Limits in November

Geographically speaking, if Sufjan Stevens’ gentle Midwestern themes were planning on rendezvousing with Calexico’s blustery, desert ambling, they’d probably convene somewhere near Austin, Texas (otherwise, it’s the Ozarks). We thought this information a little bit nerdy but, overall, quite useful for, say, Austin City Limits organizers. Thankfully, we’re not entirely alone in our nerddom.

Anyway, PBS’s long-standing weekly music program, Austin City Limits, will be broadcasting Calexico and Sufjan Stevens’ recent live performances on Saturday, November 4. So, if you already have Saturday night plans, then it’s important that you take preemptive measures and, by preemptive measures, I mean TiVo that shit!
We’re looking forward to enjoying Calexico’s long overdue debut on the Austin City Limits program. What’s a bonus is that we get to watch them share the stage with another one of our favorites, Mr. Sufjan Stevens. We hope you get the opportunity to check out the broadcast as well.

For more information on all things Austin City Limits, check out their website here. You can also check local PBS program schedules and find air dates for your specific region.