Calexico, BHP and yours truly nominated for 2006 PLUG Awards

We're stoked to announce that Calexico and the Black Heart Procession have been nominated for the 2006 PLUG independent music awards. Now, we can't really claim impartiality, but we think they're rockin' and deserve all the props they get. They've become permanent fixtures in the indie world over the past decade, and we're so proud that other people like them as much as we do.

For those of you who aren't as web inundated as others, The PLUG awards represent artists who operate solely in independent music and are awarded based solely on fan votes. Power to the people! Damn the man! If you feel like voting (wink, wink), hit up the PLUG awards homepage here.

Also, you know we're kinda shy, and we prefer to keep the spotlight on our artists, but it's probably worth mentioning that we here at Touch and Go were nominated a couple of times too - once for Label of the Year and once for Music Festival of the Year for our kick-ass silver anniversary bash this September.

So, what are you waiting for? Get clicking! You can start voting right here.