Ted Leo makes fourth appearance on MTV2's Subterranean

Remember when Michael Jordan eclipsed Muhammad Ali as the athlete with the most Sports Illustrated cover appearances? Well, we've decided that the indie music world's equivalent to this achievement is breaking the record for most appearances on MTV2's Subterranean.

On Sunday, April 8, Ted Leo will be making his fourth appearance co-hosting the show. We don't mean to make a competition of it but Death Cab for Cutie, Secret Machines and The New Pornographers are sitting with a mere three appearances each which isn't too shabby. But can count that on one hand...but barely!

It's safe to say that we're incredibly excited about this and Subterranean's Jim Shearer seems to be too. Be sure to tune in to MTV2 on Sunday night at 1 a.m. EST. Don't miss it. It's history in the making!