The Future of Music Coalition mobilizes artists to discuss net issues

The Future of Music Coalition (FMC) contacted us a couple of weeks ago regarding their recently launched campaign to raise awareness for an important issue that affects musicians and music fans alike: Net neutrality. Net neutrality is the principle that preserves a free and open Internet, ensuring users access to the content of their choice. Without it, the internet could run the risk of being dominated by companies with larger financial means, potentially freezing out smaller artists, labels, and businesses. Dubbing it Rock the Net, the FMC is spreading the word on net neutrality and spurring the public to take part.

In the past, independent labels haven't had equal access to media controlled by large corporate conglomerates (commercial radio, TV, etc). Obviously, the internet has become a very major source in our culture. In many ways, it has helped give those independent labels a more even playing field for getting music and information out to anyone who is interested in learning about music beyond the top 40.

So here's your opportunity to pitch in. Rock the Net was created by a handful of bands and musicians concerned with net neutrality and, since its inception, it has rippled through independent music at a tremendous rate. Those who've already taken initiative include: Ted Leo, Calexico, Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould, Rogue Wave, The Wrens and many others. Many of our other artists are stepping forward to participate as well. As an independent organization representing independent artists, we plan to show as much support as we can. But you don't have to be a musician to get involved. Go to the FMC's website HERE and read more about net neutrality, sign the petition and check out performances in your area held by artists actively discussing net issues. Thanks for taking the time to read up!

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