Pinback schedules four week-of-release in-store performances

The release date of Pinback's Autumn of the Seraphs is drawing near. So near, in fact, that it's time to make plans to celebrate. The following record stores have announced week-of-release in-store performances that we think you'd be silly to miss. Rob and Zach will be plugging in to play sets at four different shops on September 11 through 14. The performances will be followed by a CD signing in which you can meet the band, pick up the new record complete with the limited-edition bonus disc, and see a Guiness Book candidate for bushiest beard ever all in one fell swoop. Come one, come all!

9/11 San Diego, CA - Lou's Records (5pm)
9/12 Los Angeles, CA - Amoeba Hollywood (7pm)
9/13 San Francisco, CA - Amoeba San Francisco (7pm)
9/14 Long Beach, CA - Fingerprints (7pm)