Mekons announces exclusive track info, full-album stream

We have so much new Mekons news that our shirt buttons are popping off. So pay attention lest you get hit in the eye by a stray button and miss all of the Mekons fun! Natural will be available all around the world as of August 21. You can pre-order it from us now to ensure that you're the first kid on your block to hear it. Also, when you purchase Natural from us through our digital store, you'll get the bonus track "The Old Fox (Lu Version)" available exclusively through Touch and Go! iTunes will also be offering two exclusive bonus tracks entitled "Shocking Version" and "Young Men in Peacetime (Version)." Make sure to check them out in the iTunes store on release day.

Finally, for the next week, Natural will be streaming from Rhapsody Online. Click here to give it a spin!