Sally and Jon clips from The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show

Recently, a couple of entertaining clips featuring Sally Timms and Jon Langford resurfaced, so we thought we would share them with the rest of you.

From 1995 to 1997, Turner Network Television (TNT) aired an eccentric marionette-hosted cartoon/comedy program called The Rudy and Gogo World Famous Cartoon Show. During that tenure it gathered a modest but manic crop of devoted viewers, fully earning its mantle of "Cult Classic."

What does that have to do with Sally and Jon, you ask? Well, one of the creators of the show, Barry Mills, just launched a website commemorating the defunct program, and amongst the featured videos you'll find characters played by the two Mekons members. You can view Cowboy Sally (Timms, obviously) and The Old Salty Sea Biscuit (Langford) by clicking right here and scrolling down.