City ordinance tabled but still threatens Chicago music scene

We love being in Chicago, and we love the whole musical family that has come together here. But, unfortunately, something is threatening the freedom of said family, and we think it's fine to speak out and get political.

In short, there is an Event Promoters ordinance making its way through Chicago’s City Council legislation that threatens the feasibility of independent events. We could go into the details, but the Save Chicago Culture website does it much better than we could, so check them out and get educated.

The Daily Swarm has been doing some good summary reporting on this whole issue as well: Check it.

Word just got out yesterday that the vote on this ordinance has been tabled, but that doesn't mean the issue has disappeared - so there's still time to make your voice heard. So, if you're in Chicago (or even if you're not) look up who your Alderman is and drop them a line letting them know how you feel about the ordinance. Find your Alderman here.