Killdozer to play the Forward Music Festival

By the end of their set at the Touch and Go 25th Anniversary, the audience was pleading for more Killdozer ( footage can be seen in the video diaries available on our website). This fall, the band will return to their hometown of Madison, WI, perform at another festival, and in all likelihood, destroy yet another audience.

September 20th, Killdozer will appear at the High Noon Saloon as part of the Forward Music Festival. General admission to the festival is $25 and tickets are on sale June 16th. However, festival passes won't guarantee admission to the Killdozer show if the venue is full. A limited number of guaranteed access tickets will be available for $35 and those will be on sale June 18th. For more information about the full line up, tickets and more, visit the Forward Music Festival website.

Enter the 49 gates of uncleanliness. Book your trips to Madison, WI now!