Uglysuit to play Hideout Block Party

For the past 11 years, the Hideout of Chicago, IL, has been holding some killer Block Parties. We’re not talking about the ones that include a couple of your neighbors setting up a card table and keg in the middle of your street while the neighborhood kids run around playing football and jumping up and down in one of those bouncy Moonwalks. No, those block parties are awesome too, but just not the kind we’re talking about.

We were more hinting at the 12th Annual Hideout Block Party, which we are excited to announce will include a live performance from the newish kids on the Quarterstick block, The Uglysuit! Held on September 20 and 21, the Block Party will also feature performances from Neko Case, The New Pornographers, Ratatat, and Black Mountain (and others). Additional details can be found at the Hideout website.