The Ex to play rare U.S. shows

In November of 2004, The Ex had a live-performance 25th anniversary party and invited guest performers Instant Composers Pool (ICP) and Ethiopian saxophonist Getatchew Mekuria to share the stage with them. The exciting sparkplug of an event marked what was to be the beginning of a series of official collaborations between The Ex and Mekuria, a run that has been perpetuated in the last four years through conjoined album releases and intermittent live shows.

In August 2008, The Ex + Getatchew Mekuria combo will perform its first concert together on U.S. soil. Separately each respective group/artist rarely performs in the United States, so together the shows promise to be something pretty amazing.

Tour dates are limited and as follows:
8/13/08 - Black Cat, Washington, DC
8/15/08 - Middle East, Boston, MA
8/17/08 - Logan Square Auditorium, Chicago, IL
8/18/08 - Millennium Park, Chicago, IL
8/20/08 - Lincoln Center, New York, NY