CocoRosie music videos to be included in 'Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard' art exhibit

A little bit of CocoRosie news:

The "Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard" art exhibition at the Netherlands Media Art Institute will be featuring video clips from musicians/groups such as Bjork, The Knife, and our very own CocoRosie. The exhibit will be on display from August 30 until November 2.

Here’s what website Panic {RE}_Programming had to say about the project:

"Co-curated by multidisciplinary artist Nathalie Bruys, the show comprises works by a group of practitioners, including Jonas Ohlsson and Heidi Happy, who also straddle the boundary of music and image-making. Beyond Planningtorock’s contribution — a prop and video installation — Guy Bar Amotz will display sculptural mash-ups of speakers and keyboards, Annika Ström will show The Missed Concert (2005), a series of interviews with "fans" explaining their absence from a recent performance, and Norweigian artist Kim Hiorthøy will exhibit some of his exquisite, graphite drawings, building upon past works that found DJs, break-dancers and downright fanciful figures mingling in quintessentially Scandinavian settings. On the musical end of the spectrum, "Sonic Voices, Rocking Hard" boasts listening posts throughout the gallery space; Björk, CocoRosie and The Knife will contribute music videos; and a handful of the participants will perform during the Uitmarkt cultural weekend (including the bewitching Ms. Rostron). - Tyler Coburn"