New art exhibit at Bianca Casady's Mad Vicky's Tea Gallery

Mad Vicky’s Tea Gallery, the art space of CocoRosie’s Bianca Casady, is getting ready to launch a new exhibition called This Place is Foreign. Curated by Simon Guzylack, the display will feature a collection of artistic pieces ranging in media from videos to textiles and photography, all created by a group of Berlin-based artists.

A press release describing the exhibit had this to say:
“The works exhibited in the show recall psychedelic, perverse, mysterious, and happy visits to unexplored regions rather than hankerings for national identities or exotic fetishes. Selecting a context for the works of art becomes situational, playful and participatory, perhaps like their creation.”

This Place is Foreign will run from September 28 until October 5, open daily from 1-7 p.m.

Mad Vicky’s Tea Gallery is located at 3, rue Nicolet, 75018 Paris, France.