Vote for Calexico, Crystal Antlers, Polvo in Pitchfork's 2008 Readers Poll

December is the time for end-of-the-year polls, and online music juggernaut Pitchfork Media is asking readers to vote for their top picks of 2008.

We're all for democracy, and we love voting - specifically, *we love voting for (and asking you to vote for) Calexico's Carried to Dust for best album of 2008, Crystal Antlers as 2008's best new artist, and Polvo for best reunited band. *Of course, feel free to write in any Touch and Go/Quarterstick band/release where it might fit, should the mood strike you.

Hurry up and VOTE, though, because the deadline for entries is Sunday, December 7 at 11:59pm CST.