Touch and Go/Quarterstick artists to participate in The Second City's 24-hour benefit event

For the past six years, The Second City Chicago has held a 24-hour improv benefit that has played host to an insomniac’s bounty of local talent and special guests, and provided countless presents to needy children. This year is no different, and many Touch and Go/Quarterstick-related artists will be involved in the event, which takes place from 9 pm Tuesday, 12/09 until 9 pm on Wednesday, 12/10. Dubbed “The Second City That Never Sleeps: Letters to Santa,” the two-day affair will include Tim Midgett (x-Silkworm/current Bottomless Pit), Sally Timms (Mekons), Steve Albini (Shellac), and former-T&G’er Nina Nastasia, as well as sets from The Breeders and Jeff Tweedy. For more information, visit the Second City website directly right here.