Calexico performance videos, from France to Tucson, AZ

Recently a couple Calexico-related videos have surfaced and we thought they were too enjoyable to not pass along. The first link is from a French site and features lead singer/guitarist Joey Burns rehearsing with some French musicians – including Manu Katche – and then performing “Two Silver Trees” solo and fronting a full band for a unique performance of “Fractured Air (Tornado Watch).” The whole thing is a behind-the-scenes take and gives a nice, different look and feel to Calexico songs and Burns as a musician.

Link here -,CmC=2368006.html

Courtesy of the Tucson Citizen, the second link is footage from a December 29th benefit concert that Calexico played for their local community radio station KXCI. There are three related video clips of Calexico as a full band, Calexico performing with additional guest musicians from the Sergio Mendoza Orkestra, and of Sergio Mendoza y la Orkestra alone.

All three video highlights are viewable here -