Calexico's Joey Burns recounts overseas tour dates with blog journals

blog #1
Jan 19, 2009
Barcelona Spain
Spent the evening at Amparo's house with her family and friends. Home made dinner thanks to Francesco y Sergio, musica with Jairo, Jacob, John y Jordi. Beatiful casa Amparo, gracias! Now back at the hotel room and enjoying the media blitz on TVland before tomorrow's inauguration of President Obama in Washington DC. Many people here in Europe are extremely excited and it is felt here on tour. Last night in Zaragosa someone handed us a sign that read "two days to go". The shows so far have been amazing. Madrid, Vigo, San Sebastian...all amazing old theatres and crowds with inspiring energy/enthusiasm. Muchos gracias por todo. Tomorrow in Barcelona will certainly be an eventful evening. Apollo are you ready?

Zaragosa, Spain Jan 18, 2009
01. Convict Pool
02. Frontera/Trigger
03. Quattro
04. Sunken Waltz
05. Roka
06. Man Made Lake
07. Minas de Cobre
08. Inspiracion
09. Deep Down
10. The News About William
11. Bend To The Road
12. Two Silver Trees
13. House of Valparaiso
14. Close Behind
15. Alone Again Or
16. Fractured Air
17. Victor Jara's Hands
18. Guero Canelo
19. Red Blooms

Blog #2
Barcelona Spain jan 20,2009
The Apolo Theatre
Today is an emotional one. Watching the events unfold in Washington DC from sunrise to afternoon from TV and computer. Loved Obama's speech and the fact the sun was shining on the capitol. Everyone in the group is excited and ready to celebrate. What to play tonight? we start with "Gift X Change" which seems to set a meditative mood before the energy and dynamics build. The audience in Barcelona are very enthusiastic and listening to each phrase and line. Jairo of Depedro has a great set with several of Calexico members jumping in to back him up. Amparo Sanchez who was there in Madrid also adds some serious rockin' to the set and helps elevate the whole place as she usually does. Many people on this whole tour of Spain have been so sweet to us and very appreciative of the concerts. I hope we can return soon. This is good soul food. Muchos Gracias!

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