Joey Burns overseas tour blog, pt. 2

Votive 4 U from Lyon France

Fine art of Pastries

majestic view above Lyon

I know I know it's a funny name for a rock club. Well, it is a school too. And they have a wicked UK red double decker bus for catering and the food was outta this world. Today feels like Monday after the big celebrations last night in Barcelona and watching/feeling the energy in Washington DC with Obama becoming our new President. People here are very proud of us. Feels good. Nice comments from lots of folks tonight and the air seemed much more relaxed. Now, can we repair relations with Cuba? I really wanna go sometime. Alright back to Bordeaux. The audience was so attentive and quiet that we were wondering if they were breathing or not. They were and gave us a wonderful welcome back. This place is special. Ever since we played here in 1998 at the famous 60's club Le Jimmy's we have had a strong connection. Tonight we played "Letter To Bowie Knife" and the folks dug it. The show end was one of my favs too "Red Blooms". Loving the ambience more and more on these late nights in the Mediterranean. Merci Bordeaux.

ps. Really enjoyed singing "Deep Down" tonight as well.

Bordeaux France January 21, 2009

01. Slowness
02. Quattro TT
03. Bend To the Road T
04. Frontera/Trigger TT
05. Roka TT
06. Sunken Waltz
07. Man Made Lake
08. House Of Valparaiso
09. News About William
10. Deep Down
11. Minas de Cobre
12. Inspiracion
13. Letter To Bowie Knife
14. Dub Latina
15. Alone Again Or
16. Fractured Air
17. Crystal Frontier
18. El Gatillo
19. Victor Jara’s Hands
21. Red Blooms

pps check out the website or .fr
local webzine with english/french...they asked me who my favorite in The Beatles was..."Stu Sutcliff" I responded.

Onward to Lyon