Joey Burns overseas tour blog, pt. 5

Bologna Italy Jan 23, 2009

Itīs cold outside. We are playing at Estragon outside of the city of Bologna. Itīs even colder inside the industrial style hangar. Spirits are up. I stock up on vitamins and honey-lemon hot liquids. Seems like we are far awar from everyone and everything. Where are we? Bologna? Italy? I think about the times when people ask us, what we see when we are on tour. I would love to have gone into town, but energy is low, and we are far from the city center. So we huddle round a spaceheater and do our best to stay warm. Hoping the show tonight brings some good kinetic energy and direction. Missing the old streets and small shops, ristorantes, cafes, etc. Jacob just sneezed himself awake. Jairo is waiting for a call from home to wish his son a Happy Birthday. John looks ready to connect with his Italian roots, Martin was online and is now missing, Volker on the bus? Paul is laying low. Late night show and hours to wait around. Best wishes to all.

Modern shit in Ulm

Old Rathaus in Ulm

The Three Greyhounds of Ulm

Old stuff in Ulm

Woke up at 8am to find this

Backstage Birthday in Torino!

thinking of Tucson Chile Rellenos