Joey Burns overseas tour blog, pt. 6

Calexico Tour Blog #6
Torino - Luzern - Ulm

I sent some photos from Torino, Luzern and Ulm today to Josh at TGREC. Thanks Josh and Celia at for helping transfer the transmissions. Tour is going really well. Torino was a dream and a welcomed change from the chill of Bologna. Thanks to Francesco for being our guide to all that is beautiful about touring in Italia. Happy Birthday to Valentina P as well. Nice comments from the folks after the show and the dinner moments before at the ristorante across the street from the Teatro Colloseo was sublime. Spaghetti vongole, vino rosso, espresso...boom! Run back to the Teatro to play to an enthusiastic and warm audience.

Serious partying on the bus leaving Torino thanks to Oliver and Jelle's bartending prowress. Slammer = vodka and champagne mixed spells disjointed dancing on the bus and queezy sleep across the border and into Switzerland. We survived and there are photos on Valerie's camera. Should we post them?

Better stick to the lofi cell phone shots for now.

Luzern's KKL Theatre is super modern and kickass. In the adjacent hall under the same roof Mischa Maisky is rehearsing a Haydn cello concerto with small ensemble. I am blown away and taken to a deeper level of inspiration. Later that day we rehearse with violinist, Anna-Sophie Mahler who we've been playing with in Europe for about ten years. She brings a whole different vibe to songs like "The News About William" and "Minas de Cobre". John and I recently recorded some original material for a verison of Tennessee Williams' "The Glass Menagerie" that she is directing in Biel Switzerland ( and After the show Anna-Sophie and the whole cast present with us a gift of wine, cheese, olives, flowers as a thank you.

We arrive in cold, grey Ulm the next day. Time for laundry at the nearby washerei. Paul goes to the Apotheke for some supplies for Katja back home. Martin is on the street talking with his birthday gal Lena. Jelle rents a bike and rides of in search of crackers for our wine tasting night off. Patrick and I meet our friend Guni for espresso and pretzels. I sent some photos from the walk around town as the sun began to finally break from the clouds. We saw some old gates and buildings from the 1100's and 1400's. A man was taking his three greyhounds on a walk. There were decorations being hung for Mardi Gras. Tomorrow I will try to climb the gothic cathedral and get a bird's eye view of what the legendary Schneider von Ulm might have seen. Apparently, recent scientists figured out that he would have succeeded in flying across the Donau if he had tried flying 200 meters south from his original point of departure.

wishing you all a safe flight
all those winged and webbed
a good night and sweet dream

Modern shit in Ulm

Old Rathaus in Ulm

The Three Greyhounds of Ulm

Old stuff in Ulm

Woke up at 8am to find this

Backstage Birthday in Torino!

thinking of Tucson Chile Rellenos