David Yow... Naked Again

David Yow of Scratch Acid and The Jesus Lizard made a surprise appearance during the Melvins set at the UK All Tomorrows Parties festival. At the end of a very heavy Melvins set, Yow took control of the stage and treated the Melvins fans to renditions of the Jesus Lizard song 'Chrome' and the Melvins song 'Night Goat.'

David was in classic form... appearing onstage wearing a short, white Little Bo Peep dress with nothing on underneath. During 'Chrome,' Yow appempted contact with the crowd by leaping across the photo pit and landing on the crowd barrier. Once he made it back onstage, he proceeded to lift his dress to show the crowd the cut he had sustained on his inner thigh, right next to his balls that were covered by his cupped hands.

During 'Night Goat,' he actually made it out into the audience for a bit of crowd surfing that lasted most of the song. There was more than one bloke in the audience who must have had Yow's privates on his head before the song ended. By the time it was over, David was dumped back on stage, clutching what was left of his destroyed dress.

It was certainly a thrill to see and hear David on stage again so many years after the breakup of The Jesus Lizard. Not much has changed in those years; David's voice and command of the stage are still amazing!