The Uglysuit update - DFest, Ardent Session, new album

It's been a little while since the last news update, so hopefully a comprehensive bit about The Uglysuit will tide most readers over.

-The Oklahoma City sextet has been busy recently, especially preparing for a headlining slot at this year's DFest in Tulsa, OK. Other notable bands also appearing at the July 24-25th event will be The Black Crowes, Cake, Gogol Bordello, and many more, so it should be a good time. While you get all your bottled water chilled and fanny packs loaded, you can download the band's most recent single "...And We Became Sunshine" -- which is being offered for free on the DFest site if you click RIGHT HERE.

-Around the last time The Uglysuit was out on tour, they had the fortune of stopping by renowned Ardent Studios in Memphis, TN to put down a quick audio/video recording session. The resultant material made its way to the web and you can catch the complete audio portion (including atypical, intimate live versions of "Brownblue's Passing," "Everyone Now Has a Smile," "Brad's House," "Chicago," "The Way of Swaying," and "...And We Became Sunshine") RIGHT HERE.

-And finally, just because we feel like throwing in some bonus news: the band is currently hard at work recording a follow-up effort to their fantastic Quarterstick released, self-titled debut album. Word has it that the guys are very pleased with the writing process and they have been playing the new material live, which is just another reason to trek over to Dfest to catch their undoubtedly awesome set.