Crystal Antlers launch second single from Tentacles + new tour dates

The debut single "Andrew" from Crystal Antlers' album Tentacles is a dark, garage soul classic, built around stop-on-a-dime time signature changes, gorgeously shredded guitar waverings, and Jonny Bell's spirited vocals. But you've already heard that, as we made it available for download right HERE.

The second single to make its way off the band's first full-length is the album-titled track "Tentacles." Whereas "Andrew" takes some time to fully unfold, "Tentacles" is a straight up garage punk, soul burner. Click on the following link to download the song (and feel free to re-post):


Crystal Antlers upcoming tour dates:
Tour dates:
07/29/09 - Alex's Bar, Long Beach, CA - with Mika Miko
08/07/09 - Berlin Festival, Berlin, Germany
08/08/09 - Off Festival, Myslowice, Poland
08/11/09 - Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
08/12/09 - Oya Festival, Oslo, Norway
08/13/09 - Stockholm Cultural Fest, Stockholm, Sweden
08/14/09 - Way Out West Festival, Gottenburg, Sweden
08/15/09 - Dockville Festival, Hamburg, Germany
08/16/09 - Schlacthof, Wiesbaden, Germany – with HEALTH
08/17/09 - K4, Nuremberg, Germany - with HEALTH
08/18/09 - Club 007, Prague, Czech Republic
08/19/09 - Arena, Vienna, Austria - with Black Lips, Deerhunter
08/20/09 - 59:01, Munich, Germany
08/21/09 - Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium
08/22/09 - Lowlands Festival, Biddinghuizen, Netherlands
08/24/09 - KOKO, London, UK - with Deerhunter, HEALTH
08/25/09 - Macbeth, London, UK - with The Setting Son
08/26/09 - Concorde 2, Brighton, UK - with The Black Lips
08/27/09 - Rough Trade East Instore, London, UK