New Sholi Video For "All That We Can See"

New Sholi video by director Zeek Earl for "All That We Can See"

Zeek works for an aquarium in Seattle as a videographer, and one day came to us with an idea for using urchins as a theme for "All That We Can See". Here's the quick story:

"To pay my way through college, I got a job teaching classes about echinoderms (starfish, sea urchins, etc..) to visiting school groups at the Seattle Aquarium. The creatures constantly fascinated me both biologically and visually. Somewhere between plant and animal, they changed the way I think about what it is to be a living thing. Before leaving, I shot a bunch of random footage of these creatures which I been staring at and explaining for several years. I sent some of the clips over to Payam of Sholi and he enthusiastically agreed to a full music video. The link between the creatures and the song ('All That We Can See') was intuitive. Starting with a few shots of the urchins floating over the rocks I let the music direct the 'plot,' never knowing what would happen thirty seconds later." -Zeek

Hope you like it!

Sholi - All That We Can See from Zeek Earl on Vimeo.