Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83 available NOW!

Before Touch and Go Records, there was Touch and Go the fanzine. But everyone knows that right? Right. Original copies of the 22 issues of the Touch and Go 'zine are rare and hard to come by. That all changed on June 30th. Tesco Vee and Dave Stimson, along with Steve Miller, have worked long and hard to bring you Touch and Go: The Complete Hardcore Punk Zine '79-'83, the book that collects all 22 issues in one loud and fast volume with introductory essays by Tesco Vee, Dave Stimson, Steve Miller, Henry Rollins, Keith Morris, Peter Davis, Henry Owings, Byron Coley, Corey Rusk, John Brannon, and Ian MacKaye.

Order your copy HERE from the publisher Bazillion Points or at your local independent record store.

While you are anxiously waiting for your 576-pages of essential reading to arrive, download the podcast HERE and listen to the aural story of the fanzine as recalled by Tesco Vee and Steve Miller.

Check out this interview with Tesco Vee in the Lansing City Pulse HERE