Shellac and Pegboy Plan To Spend NYE With You But Not Each Other

New Year's Eve will be here sooner than you know. And, we all know that grand plans require prior planning. We've got a plan! Actually 2 plans!

Option 1:
1. Access plane, train, or automobile.
2. Get yourself to London's Hammersmith Apollo on December 31st.
3. Welcome the New Year with Shellac and Sonic Youth.
4. Start 2011 with a sense of fulfillment and optimism and the aural assault of Shellac ringing in your ears.

Option 2:
1. Access plane, train, or automobile.
2. Position yourself front and center at Chicago's Abbey Pub.
3. Experience the adrenaline fueled rock and roll of Pegboy.
4. Wonder for the rest of your life if you'll ever have New Year's Eve as great as that night between 2010 and 2011.

Which one will you choose?