Touch and Go Fanzine Collection Gets Deluxe Release And CD Bonus!

Japanese publisher PressPop Inc. has printed a very limited run of Touch and Go: The Complete Fanzines Replica Box Set. With only 500 in existence, this deluxe box set includes all 22 issues (individually printed on the same paperstocks and colors as the originals), a book of show flyers for bands that graced the pages of the fanzine, the 999 Fanzine (the genesis of Touch and Go), and......a BONUS CD of tracks by early midwest hardcore and punk pioneers.

The bonus CD includes several never-before-released recordings from Bored Youth (from their never released Touch and Go EP recorded by TG's own Corey Rusk), Crucifucks (from the demo they recorded by Touch and Go's Corey Rusk prior to signing to Alternative Tentacles and featuring a very young Steve Shelley on drums), Necros (from their long out of print Touch and Go album Conquest For Death), and L-Seven (from their long out of print Touch and Go 7" single)! These rarities are heard here for the first time on CD transferred directly from the original master tapes.

To be 1 of 500, get your very own copy HERE

Here's the complete track listing:
1. Bored Youth - "Shock Value" (Demo) 1981
2. Violent Apathy - "Immortality" (First Demo) 1981
3. The Fix - "Off To War" 1981
4. Crucifucks - "Legal Genocide" 1982
5. L-Seven - "Clear Vision" 1982
6. Meatmen - "I've Got A Problem" 1982
7. Necros - "Conquest For Death" 1983
8. Negative Approach - "Tied Down" 1983