Tesco Vee Speaks, Signs, and Sings

The Meatmen Tour kicks off tonight, and so does a string of book signings with our beloved Tesco Vee. The journey begins tonight in Denver, CO, at Twist and Shout. So...what are you waiting for?

Says Tesco: “It is extremely cockle-of-the heart-warming that I can further pimp the Touch and Go tome by day, and rock out with the Meatboys by night. This bestselling brick of a book transcends one mortal man, but as half of the braintrust of this punk rock manifesto, who better than to lather the legend than me, Tesco Vee? I will give the punters what they want: Danzig anecdotes, tales of record collecting forays, invaluable autographs on their books, photo ops, illicit gropings, you name it! Just bring your bad selves, your dad’s old toys, and a couple sheckles to these in-stores, and we’ll take it from there. As my man Don Cornelius used to say: ‘It’ll be a stone gas, baby!’”

More scheduled Tesco Vee in-store dates below:

April 5 Denver, Co - Twist and Shout, 6 pm
April 6 Salt Lake City, UT - The Heavy Metal Shop, 7 pm
Apirl 8 Seattle, WA - The Elliott Bay Book Company, 7 pm
April 9 Portland, OR - Jackpot Records
April 12 Santa Cruz, CA - Streetlight Records, 6 pm
April 14 Los Angeles, CA - Vacation Vinyl, 7 pm
April 15 Fountain Valley, CA - TKO Records, 6 pm
April 16 Las Vegas, NV - Zia Records, 6 pm
April 18 Phoenix, AZ - Changing Hands Bookstore/Hoodlum Music
April 21 San Antonio, TX - Hogwild Records
April 23 Austin, TX - Waterloo Records, 5 pm
April 24 Dallas, TX - Good Records, 4 pm
April 25 Oklahoma City, OK - Guestroom Records
April 27 Des Moines, IA - Finders Creepers, 6 pm