Classic Dirty Three Album Released As Playbutton

More than a decade after its original release, Dirty Three's "Whatever You Love, You Are" is recognized as one of their most beloved albums. While much of the love fans have for this album is for the beauty of the music, there is no overlooking the beauty of guitarist Mick Turner's painting which graces the cover. Because of the undeniable artistic integration of music and image, "Whatever You Love, You Are" has been selected to be one of the very first releases on the brand new music format - the Playbutton (available June 28, 2011).

What's a Playbutton? It's a wearable button that plays music. In this case, the music is the album "Whatever You Love, You Are" by Dirty Three. The music can be played, paused, or skipped with volume controls on the backside. An audio jack has the dual role of earphone jack and USB battery charger. Affixed with a pin back, the playbutton uses a re-chargeable lithium battery and is made of stainless steel. Still having trouble picturing this new music format? Go to and see what itís like to wear the music while playing the music.