"High & Outside: A Baseball Noir": How You Can Contribute to David Yow's Latest Adventure

Remember this? Ok. Now take that and add baseball and some movie folks and you have a recipe for GREATNESS - otherwise known as High & Outside: A Baseball Noir, a new independent film that needs to be made!

And that is where YOU come in! Sure, it may seem like you get bombarded everyday with your neighbor's Kickstarter to build a pool in his back yard or your best friend from first grade's plan to start a charity for endangered mosquitoes, but this is one Kickstarter that will actually bring joy, entertainment, and David Yow into your life!

From the press release: "Directed by Evald Johnson, the film is based on his personal experiences as the son of a Major League baseball player turned controversial manager. High & Outside: A Baseball Noir tells the story of one man's dream to play professional baseball and the desperate measures he takes to keep that dream alive."

Other cast members include: Geoffrey Lewis (High Plains Drifter, Every Which Way But Loose), Scarlett Fay(Playboy TV), and Phil Donlon (Unbroken, Queen of the Lot).

So go HERE... go on hit CLICK. Watch the preliminary trailer for High & Outside: A Baseball Noir, read all about the cast and crew, particularly this guy, and before you wander off to check your Facebook page, be sure to hit the ol' BACK THIS PROJECT button and give a little something toward making this film a reality.

Afterall, you keep telling everyone how much David Yow means to you and how you'll do anything for the man... DO IT NOW! We did. You should too.