Debut 7"s By The Fix To Be Repressed And Released Together On April 15th For the First Time Since 1981

Available April 15th, 2014! Just in time for Record Store Day, Touch and Go Records has repressed "Vengeance / In This Town" and "Jan's Rooms" - the debut releases by essential Midwest punk pioneers The Fix (long out of print since the initial 1981 pressings sold out shortly after release).

Only 200 copies of their first 7 "Vengeance / In This Town" were ever issued (in early 1981), and only 1000 copies of their "Jan's Rooms" 7 were ever issued (in late 1981). Original copies of "Jan's Rooms" received one of 2 different inserts, but never both inserts together. Today, the original 7"s sell for thousands of $$ online.

Packaged together in a 2-pocket vinyl gatefold wallet, both 7" reissues are printed exactly as per the 1981 originals - no art, text, or obsolete contact information on the sleeves, inserts or labels has been added, changed, or removed (see contents video below). The "Vengeance / In This Town" 7" sleeve is offset printed with a half-flap back cover as per the 1981 original. "Jan's Rooms consists of a silk-screened sleeve and exact reprints of both the inserts as was done in 1981, including custom spray paint by Steve Miller (vocals, The Fix) and Tesco Vee (vocals, The Meatmen). This double 7" package is limited to 1000 copies worldwide and is signed by both Steve Miller (vocals) and Craig Calvert (guitarist).

Steve Miller and Tesco Vee - Insert spray-painting session

Steve Miller signing 1000 7" sleeves for upcoming double 7" pack

But who the hell are The Fix and why should you care? Quite possibly the best hardcore band you never heard of. The Fix was one of the very earliest Midwest punk/hardcore bands and the second band to be released by Touch and Go Records (in 1981). Blazing away along with the Necros and The Meatmen, The Fix were part of the beginning foundation of Touch and Go Records.

Vocalist Steve Miller, guitarist Craig Calvert, bassist Mike Achtenberg, and drummer Jeff Wellman created super fast and ferocious music that never failed to blow away those who were lucky enough to witness one of their live shows or buy one of their 7s. After only 22 months, The Fix broke up on News Years Day 1982 in San Francisco after a final unscheduled show with the Effigies, Dead Kennedys, Flipper, and Anti-Pasti. Steve and Mike went on to form another essential Michigan band Blight with Tesco Vee of The Meatmen.

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Check out the video below for all the packaging details on this limited reissue release:


Side A: Vengeance
Side B: In This Town


Side A: Cos The Elite * The Truth Right Now
Side B: Signals In Distress * Off To War