We Saved You A Slint Box Set... Box Set Pieces For Sale.... and Other Great News

As 2014 comes to a close, we've been reflecting on all the great releases we saw here at Touch and Go Records this year. Most recently, Shellac released their fifth album Dude Incredible (and we heard a few of you really like it!). Pinback celebrated the 10th anniversary of their album Summer in Abaddon and repressed it on limited edition 180 gram maroon vinyl - pretty neat! And who can forget that double 7" pack of the first two singles (Jan's Rooms and Vengence) by legendary Lansing, MI rockers The Fix - we won't. And we definitely won't forget starting the year off with the release of a labor of love, which was five years in the making - Slint's Spiderland (remastered) deluxe box set - what a beauty!

Now as we dig ourselves out of the confetti and packing peanuts, we feel it's time to let go of the remaining few Slint's Spiderland (remastered) deluxe box set box sets we held back... you know, just in case. Sure, we could sell them on Ebay for a pretty profit at $200 or $300 each, but that's just not right. So, starting today, we will bring Slint's Spiderland (remastered) deluxe box set back to the Touch and Go Records web store while supplies last (inside tip: those supplies won't last long... it really is just a handful of box sets). Ready to get your second chance to own one of these limited edition box sets? Opportunity awaits you HERE

But that's not all. We kept digging... and we found all the leftover pieces from the making of the Spiderland (remastered) box set. The idea of throwing out a 180 gram LP just because it has no album jacket, or a fancy Slint book only because it is blemished just seemed wrong. At least as long as there was a possibility that some one (you, maybe?) might want one. We've decided to offer these remaining individual box set pieces on our web store as well. Starting today, you will have a limited time opportunity to purchase the following items only from the Touch and Go Records web store:

- Spiderland (remastered) bonus tracks on 180 gram vinyl. We have limited quantities of both of these LPs (i.e. sides C and D, sides E and F)! If you don't own a Spiderland (remastered) box set, this is the your only remaining chance to own the 14 bonus tracks on vinyl (180g vinyl at that!). Order sides C/D HEREand order sides E/F HERE

- Spiderland (remastered) full album CD plus a CD with all 14 bonus tracks, combined with a DVD of the Lance Bangs' documenatary Breadcrumb Trail - packaged in a gatefold 12" LP-style jacket. HERE

- Limited Edition 104-page book with photos, lyrics, and foreword by longtime friend and iconic Spiderland cover photographer Will Oldham HERE

Or... purchase your own "faux" box set bundle. You can also purchase a bundle of all three LPs plus the book plus the CDs and the DVD just like the box set EXCEPT there's no box and no LP jacket for sides c/d and e/f. (Sorry.) Want this? Go HERE

And, while supplies last, we are bundling a CD of the 14 bonus tracks with every Slint Spiderland (remastered) non-box-set-LP or CD purchase made through the Touch and Go Records web store. These CDs of the 14 bonus tracks are left over from the production of the box sets. If you do not already own a box set, this is your only remaining opportunity to get a physical CD of the bonus tracks (as opposed to the mp3 downloads that are already included in the existing vinyl and CD versions). Interested? Go HERE

Stay tuned, more great news in the coming days...