RIP Dave Riley

RIP Dave Riley. At the all-too-young age of 59, Dave Riley passed away on December 24. Dave's driving bass was the force that held together Steve and Santiago's chainsaw guitars on all the post-Pezzatti Big Black records. Dave was easygoing, friendly, funny, and always up for whatever the night might bring. Many of my best memories from the tail end of Touch and Go's Detroit years in the mid '80s involve hanging out with Dave and Steve and Santiago when they would come play shows at the Graystone after which we would all end up barbequing and lighting off fireworks on the roof of the club.

Dave's dear friend Rachel has written a very nice eulogy HERE on Facebook, and Steve Albini has written a great tribute to Dave HERE on the Electrical Audio forum. Please read them both and take a moment to pay tribute to our friend Dave.
Corey Rusk