The Sonora Pine II Remastered for 25th Anniversary

Originally released by Quarterstick Records in 1997, The Sonora Pine's final album II has been remastered for its 25th anniversary and is now available in LP format on limited edition teal or black vinyl as a co-release with Husky Pants Records!

The Sonora Pine, working as a trio, are hard, careful workers, gently and deliberately placing each piece of each song. Tara Jane O'Neil and Kevin Coultas bring a gravity and trust developed through their years of collaboration in Rodan. Samara Lubelski works in long sweeps, evading O'Neil's pointed tonal language. Lubelski can slow time through her slurred notes and she can lash a song into breathless urgency. Together, the three weave with a vision and a grace that is forceful, earnest, handsome, and giving. At times the members of Sonora Pine clear space for each other, holding steadily, patiently-a charged conversation. At times they seem to lean heavily against each other, overworked travelers at dusk, an aching tenacity pushing them along. They are always listening. And even at the furthest edges of weariness, they are always daring.