Flies the Fields

Flies the Fields | Shipping News

Release Date: 03/22/2005

Catalog Number: QS99

Format: LP, CD


  1. Axons and Dendrites (Audio File 3.7mb)
  2. Louven
  3. (Morays or) Demon
  4. It's Not Too Late
  5. Sheets and Cylinders
  6. The Human Face
  7. Untitled w/ Drums
  8. Paper Lanterns (Zero Return)

Album Art

  • Flies the Fields

Flies the Fields

Flies the Fields | Shipping News

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Axons and Dendrites   
(Morays or) Demon   
It's Not Too Late   
Sheets and Cylinders   
The Human Face   
Untitled w/ Drums   
Paper Lanterns (Zero Return)   

Album Art

  • Flies the Fields
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    Band Member Info


    Todd Cook- Bass, Guitar on trk #6
    Kyle Crabtree- Drums, Guitar & Vocals on trk #7
    Jeff Mueller- Guitar, Vocals
    Jason Noble- Guitar, Vocals