Silkworm's Italian Platinum Available on Red Vinyl - April 12, 2019

Originally released in 2002 (and out of print for over 10 years), Touch and Go will reissue Italian Platinum on limited edition red vinyl on April 12, 2019.

You can pre-order your copy of Italian Platinum on RED vinyl HERE

From now until March 10, 2019, Touch and Go is offering a pre-order only bundle comprised of a limited edition Silkworm Beanie together with a red vinyl copy of Italian Platinum. You can pre-order the Beanie+LP bundle HERE


Limited Edition Brainiac Vinyl Reissues Available March 8, 2019

To coincide with Eric Mahoney's upcoming 2019 Brainiac documentary, Transmissions After Zero, we are excited to announce these limited edition reissues of Electro-shock for President EP on white vinyl and Hissing Prigs in Static Couture full-length on blue swirl vinyl.

From now until February 11th, you can bundle your pre-order for Electro-shock for President EP white vinyl or both Electro-shock for President EP white vinyl and Hissing Prigs in Static Couture blue swirl vinyl with a NEW limited edition Brainiac t-shirt. The limited edition t-shirt will not be available for purchase in the Touch and Go store after February 11th.



Calexico The Black Light 20th Anniversary Edition - Available Nov 23, 2018

An album about crossing physical and metaphorical borders that has never been timelier: Calexico's classic album The Black Light turns 20 this year. This limited 20th Anniversary Edition includes 11 bonus tracks, extensive liner notes (including insightful commentary from Joey Burns and John Convertino themselves), and alternative artwork by Victor Gastelum.

The Double LP vinyl versions (black vinyl, and limited edition clear vinyl) are pressed on heavy 180g vinyl and packaged in a gatefold cover with an embossed silver logo, a large format 8 page booklet, and a download coupon.
The Double CD version comes in a 3 panel digipak with a 24 page booklet.

For a limited time only! Each of the above formats is also available in pre-order bundles with a limited edition Calexico The Black Light T-shirt.
PRE ORDER: https://calexico.lnk.to/theblacklight20

Watch the 20th Anniversary Edition trailer of The Black Light below!


Big Black's 1987 Album SONGS ABOUT FUCKING Remastered- Available October 19, 2018

Originally released in 1987, Big Black's second full-length album is the fifth Big Black vinyl title to be remastered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering - following the previously released remasters of Atomizer, Bulldozer, Racer-X, and Headache. Each remastered vinyl copy of Songs About Fucking is packaged in a single-pocket LP jacket with 11" x 11" insert and digital download coupon.

You can preorder Big Black's Songs About Fucking (Remastered) HERE
Add a Big Black TOOLS t-shirt to your pre-order at a discounted bundle price HERE
Add Big Black HEADACHE (Remastered) vinyl EP to your pre-order at a discounted bundle price HERE
Add BOTH a Big Black TOOLS t-shirt and HEADACHE (Remastered) EP to your pre-order at a discounted bundle price HERE

Side A The Power of Independent Trucking / The Model / Bad Penny / L. Dopa / Precious Thing / Columbian Necktie

Side B Kitty Empire / Ergot / Kasimir S. Pulaski Day / Fish Fry / Pavement Saw / Tiny, King of the Jews / Bombastic Intro


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