Don Caballero's 1999 album Singles Breaking Up (Vol 1) Vinyl Debut October 20, 2017

Don Caballero’s 1999 album Singles Breaking Up (Vol 1)
Vinyl Debut October 20, 2017

Limited Edition CLEAR Vinyl Available (Classic Black Vinyl Too!)

The missing link in every Don Caballero fan’s vinyl collection arrives this fall via Touch and Go Records with the release of Don Caballero’s Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1). Previously available on CD only, Singles Breaking Up (Vol. 1) offers a wide range of the band’s history to appreciate plus a wealth of sundries for fans of Don Caballero who may not have had the opportunity to enjoy them in the 7’’ vinyl format of their initial release.

PRE-ORDER Limited edition clear vinyl in a full-color single LP jacket with printed inner sleeve available directly from Touch and Go Records can be pre-ordered at the following link: HERE (black vinyl also available)

LIMITED EDITION T-SHIRT PRE-ORDER From now until September 25th, Don Caballero fans are able to pre-order a deluxe bundle of the LP (clear vinyl or black vinyl) with an exact reproduction of a Don Caballero t-shirt design by artist Jon Good and originally sold on their 1993/1994 tour. Pre-orders for this deluxe LP + t-shirt bundle can be placed here: HERE

With the exceptions of programs 12 and 13, these songs were recorded in the early part of the 1990’s. The intention was not to release them in this form (if at all), but to give the record company a rough idea of the songs the band had at the time. Don Caballero wrote the “punky” songs with the sole intention of obtaining a record contract. To the band, it seemed at the time that contracts flowed like water for this kind of music. The band soon found out that it wasn’t quite that easy, but they did eventually manage to sign a deal with Touch and Go Records. It is interesting to see how some of these songs (or parts of them) developed into others that became quite well known - and how the transition from rock to total doye began.

The oldest recordings found here are programs 1 thru 6, which became the first two singles and a B-side for the fourth. They were recorded in a half-inch 8-track studio by Lee Hollohan of Valencia, PA, for only $25 an hour. The next batch, 7 thru 9, were recorded by Steve Albini in his once home studio and were a part of the For Respect sessions (1993 Touch and Go Records). Program 10 was also recorded in this same studio by colleague engineer Bob Weston. Program 11 was recorded in Detroit by engineer Al Sutton and was part of the sessions for Don Caballero 2 (1995 Touch and Go Records). Lastly, programs 12 and 13 were recorded again by Steve Albini in the B Room portion of his new Chicago studio, Electrical Audio, directly preceding the sessions for What Burns Never Returns (1998 Touch and Go Records).

Track Listing
Program 1 Lucky Father Brown
Program 2 Belted Sweater
Program 3 Shoe Shine
Program 4 Unresolved Kharma
Program 5 Puddin’ in My Eye
Program 6 My Ten Year Old Lady Is Giving It Away
Program 7 Our Caballero
Program 9 First Hits
Program 10 No More Peace And Quiet For The Warlike
Program 11 If You’ve Read Dr. Adder Then You Know What I Want
Program 12 Trey Dog’s Acid
Program 13 Room Temperature Lounge


In Memory of Edward Grimes

Edward Grimes, friend and longtime member of the Quarterstick / Touch and Go family, unexpectedly died of natural causes this past Saturday. Ed was a member of Rachel's, and he played on two of my favorite Shipping News albums (Very Soon, And In Pleasant Company, and Three-Four). He was also a member of many other bands, including Seluah.

It is shocking and heartbreaking to lose Ed so suddenly and so young. He was genuine and caring - always enthusiastic about music, his friends and family, and his bands and bandmates. His loss will be felt by everyone who knew him or who knows his music.

A Celebration of Ed's Life will take place on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the Speed Art Museum in Louisville, KY. Visitation is 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm with a memorial service at 1pm in the Grand Hall.

In lieu of flowers, his family and friends ask donations be made in Edward's name to Shamrock Pet Foundation, Girls Rock Louisville, Blue House/West Louisville Talent Education Center, or a charity of choice.


Doug Didjit passed away

Very sad to report that friend, and Touch and Go band member, Doug Evans (aka Doug Didjit) has died.

Doug was the bad-ass bass player in the Didjits (who released 5 amazing albums on Touch and Go between 1988 and 1993). To this day, the Didjits album Hey Judester remains one of the best rock albums we ever released. Their live shows stepped it up to the next level (if that's even possible)... not to be missed... and I never missed any of their shows in Chicago!

Despite the fact that they lived downstate, the Didjits were some of the first friends I made in Chicago after moving there in 1986. Steve Albini turned me on to their music and introduced us. Doug was always friendly, easy going, funny, and happy to help in any way he could.

When my ratty old Mustang wasn't running right, he kindly offered to rebuild the top end of the engine. I stood around asking him dumb questions, which he patiently answered while he expertly rebuilt it. Ran like a top when he was done. The car's long gone, but the fun we had working on it isn't forgotten.

Condolences to all those who knew and cared for Doug.
Corey Rusk


Rachel's 2003 Album systems/layers Vinyl Debut October 28, 2016

Rachel's 2003 Album systems/layers
Vinyl Debut October 28, 2016

Limited Edition White 2xLP Vinyl Available (Classic Black Vinyl Too!)

Avant-garde chamber group Rachel's present the vinyl debut of their last full-length album systems/layers on Quarterstick Records. Originally released as a CD only in 2003, this double vinyl LP also includes the vinyl debut of Rachel's 2005 EP, Technology Is Killing Music.

Included on the last side of this 2xLP release, Techonology Is Killing Music is an ideal companion to systems / layers. Assembled in the same cut up style, this 20-minute EP is a long-form suite comprised of material sourced from systems/layers studio sessions, live performance, and field recordings.

Limited edition white double vinyl LP in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves is available directly from Quarterstick Records and can be pre-ordered HERE (black vinyl also available)

From now until October 2nd, Quarterstick Records is offering a deluxe pre-order only bundle including an exclusive Rachel's t-shirt with systems/layers vinyl (black or limited edition white). Pre-orders for this deluxe systems/layers bundle can be placed HERE

And, while supplies last, fans can pre-order the vinyl debut of systems / layers with an original letterpress poster for the SITI Company & Rachel's 2005 theatrical performance of systems/layers. Printed by Dexterity Press, this 19 inch by 12 inch poster was recently discovered in the band's archives. Pre-order the 2xLP (black vinyl or limited edition white vinyl), the exclusive t-shirt, and the limited poster HERE

October 2016 also marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Rachel's album The Sea and the Bells. To celebrate, Quarterstick Records is offering a special package bundle including The Sea and the Bells double vinyl LP as well as systems/layers double LP, the exclusive Rachel's cotton t-shirt, and the SITI Co. and Rachel's letterpress poster (while poster supplies last). Pre-order this special The Sea and the Bells anniversary bundle HERE

Track Listing
A1 Moscow is in the Telephone
A2 Water From the Same Source
A3 systems / layers
A4 Expect Delays
A5 Arterial

B1 even / odd
B2 Wouldn't Live Anywhere Else
B3 Esperanza
B4 Packet Switching
B5 where_have_all_my_files_gone?
B6 Reflective Surfaces
B7 Unclear Channel

C1 Last Things Last
C2 Anytime Soon
C3 Air Conditioning / a closed feeling
C4 Singing Bridge
C5 And Keep Smiling
C6 4 or 5 Trees
C7 NY Snow Globe

D1 Technology is Killing Music


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