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Quasi consists of Sam Coomes and Janet Weiss, both of whom possess impressive indie rock credentials. Sam has recorded and/or toured with Heatmiser, Elliott Smith, Built to Spill and more. He also performs solo under the Blues Goblins moniker. Janet has played with The Go Betweens, Junior High, and Elliott Smith, as well as pounded the skins with Sleater-Kinney.

Quasi formed in Portland, OR in 1993 and released their first recording, a self-titled cassette, that same year. 1995 saw the release of Early Recordings, and two years later they joined the roster of Up Records. Up released their next three albums: R&B Transmogrification (1997), Featuring “Birds” (1998), and Field Studies (1999). Quasi has released four full-length records on Touch and Go since 2001: a reissue of Early Recordings, The Sword of God (2001), Hot Shit (2003), and When the Going Gets Dark (2006).

Quasi creates an incredibly large sound within the limitations of a two person band. Much of their signature style was originally derived from the use of a Roxichord (a unique hybrid keyboard) and Sam’s acidic lyrics coupled with Janet’s deft drumming and honeyed backing vocals. The duo fleshed out each album with a number of different instruments at their disposal. Recent years have seen the band moving away from sunny, keyboard-driven songs into a bluesier, psych-tinged guitar-based sound. Hot Shit saw the addition of caustic, politically charged lyrics to their already highly personal agenda. With When the Going Gets Dark, the duo further expanded their sound with perhaps their most furious playing to date.

Seven albums into their constantly changing career, Quasi continue to explore and stretch the boundaries of what they can achieve together.