Rodan's Hat Factory '93 To Be Released November 1, 2019

We're excited to announce the album release of Rodan's Hat Factory '93 - five tracks recorded by Rodan at the Hat Factory in Baltimore, MD, in 1993 (months before the band would enter the studio to record their full-length album Rusty).

Available on limited edition transparent gold vinyl or classic black vinyl with a full-color fold-out (11.5 inch by 34.50 inch) insert designed by artist Greg King.

Now until September 22nd, pre-order Hat Factory '93 deluxe bundle which includes the LP, a limited edition Rodan t-shirt designed by Jeff Mueller, and a limited edition letterpress poster printed at Dexterity Press.

Also available: Hat Factory '93 vinyl and limited edition Rodan t-shirt bundle.

PRE-ORDER NOW Orders will ship to arrive on or before November 1, 2019.
Pre-order bundles will not be available to order after September 22nd.

LP TRACK LISTING: Bible Silver Corner / the Everyday World of Bodies / Jungle Jim / Gauge / Exoskeleton

25 years ago a Louisville band called Rodan released the only record they'd make in their two year tenure. Rusty would become one of those records that launched a thousand very f**king good bands in the 90's, an historical moment in real need of poets and punks and beautiful freaks who could render some sense and beauty out of the cultural grey water.

So here we are, and we still need a match and something that burns furious and long in the dark, and so, BAM! Surprise: newly discovered Rodan tapes have been pulled out of a secret time release vault in the floor of the Hat Factory in Baltimore, the studio where Rodan recorded early versions of the songs that would comprise Rusty. These fluid, energetic prototypes ring out like raw power emerging from a cocoon in the ground, like the twenty-five year brood of a very rare, winged insect shaking off the soil and- finally, blessedly, flying right into your ear.
--- words by Joe Manning