Luv 713

Luv 713 | Flour

Release Date: 10/20/1990

Catalog Number: TG49

Format: CD, LP, MP3


  1. Rain Reign
  2. Bodies on Fire
  3. Kick Now
  4. The Face
  5. Braindead Genius
  6. Nicky's Sister
  7. Love Kills
  8. Break Away
  9. Fish or Cut Bait
  10. Midi This

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  • Luv 713

Luv 713

Luv 713 | Flour

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Rain Reign   
Bodies on Fire   
Kick Now   
The Face   
Braindead Genius   
Nicky's Sister   
Love Kills   
Break Away   
Fish or Cut Bait   
Midi This   

Album Art

  • Luv 713
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    Band Member Info


    Todd Trainer - Drum Programs on 1st Album
    Edgar Blossom, Nate Kato, Dave Riley, and Reynolds Washem - Gang Vocals on Red
    Laura Allen - Angelic Vocals on Love
    Reynolds Washem - Real Drums
    Nate Kato - Whistle on Coffee
    The Cake - Drum Program on Bodies and All Live Drums
    Laura Allen - Angelic Vocals on Braindead and Hellish Squeals on Fish
    Chris Bjorklund - Guitar Solo on Fish
    CD includes TG33 Flour - S/T LP.