The Blackened Air

The Blackened Air | Nina Nastasia

Release Date: 04/09/2002

Catalog Number: TG231

Format: LP, CD


  1. Run, All You...
  2. I Go With Him (Audio File 1.3mb)
  3. This Is What It Is
  4. Oh, My Stars
  5. All for You
  6. So Little
  7. Desert Fly
  8. Ugly Face
  9. In the Graveyard
  10. Ocean
  11. Rosemary
  12. The Same Day
  13. Been So Long
  14. The Very Next Day
  15. Little Angel
  16. That's All There Is

Album Art

  • The Blackened Air

The Blackened Air

The Blackened Air | Nina Nastasia

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Run, All You...   
I Go With Him   
This Is What It Is   
Oh, My Stars   
All for You   
So Little   
Desert Fly   
Ugly Face   
In the Graveyard   
The Same Day   
Been So Long   
The Very Next Day   
Little Angel   
That's All There Is   

Album Art

  • The Blackened Air
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    • I Go With Him from The Blackened Air (Audio File 1.3mb)
    • I Say That I Will Go from Run to Ruin (Audio File 2.5mb)
    • Stormy Weather from Dogs (Audio File 2.1mb)

    Band Member Info


    Nina Nastasia - Guitar, Vocals
    Jay Bellerose - Drums
    Joshua Carlebach - Accordion
    Stephen Day - Cello
    Gerry Leonard - Guitar, Mandolin
    Gonzalo Munoz - Saw
    Dave Richards - Bass
    Dylan Willemsa - Violin
    Peter Yanowitz - Drums on 16