Inch | The Jesus Lizard

Release Date: 04/18/2009

Catalog Number: TG347

Format: 7" Singles Pack in Clear Vinyl


  1. Chrome
  2. 7 vs 8
  3. Mouth Breather
  4. Sunday You Need Love
  5. Wheelchair Epidemic
  6. Dancing Naked Ladies
  7. Gladiator (Live)
  8. Seasick (Live)
  9. Puss
  10. Glamorous
  11. Deaf as a Bat
  12. Lady Shoes (Live)
  13. Killer McHann (Live)
  14. Bloody Mary (Live)
  15. Monkey Trick (Live)
  16. (Fly) On (the Wall)
  17. White Hole

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  • Inch


Inch | The Jesus Lizard

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7 vs 8   
Mouth Breather   
Sunday You Need Love   
Wheelchair Epidemic   
Dancing Naked Ladies   
Gladiator (Live)   
Seasick (Live)   
Deaf as a Bat   
Lady Shoes (Live)   
Killer McHann (Live)   
Bloody Mary (Live)   
Monkey Trick (Live)   
(Fly) On (the Wall)   
White Hole   

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  • Inch
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Limited edition singles pack only available at independent record stores on Record Store Day 2009 (April 18, 2009)

1. Chrome (TG53)

2. Mouthbreather (TG66)

3. Puss (TG83)

4. Wheelchair Epidemic (TG87)

5. Gladiator (TG110)

6.,7.,8. Lash 3X 7" (TG121)

9. Fly On The Wall (TG128)

These 7" singles were all remastered in 2009 by Bob Weston, and are only available in this limited edition singles pack.

Inch comes in a clear vinyl display pack that can be hung on your wall, or folded and secured with a specially printed rubber band.

It is limited to 2000 numbered copies, so be sure to get out to your local record store on April 18, 2009.