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Red Stars Theory

Hailing from Washington State, Red Stars Theory was a cooperative of musicians who began recording together in 1995. Comprised of James Bertram (guitar/vocals), Jeremiah Green (drums), Tonie Palmasani (guitar/vocals), and Jason Talley (bass). They released two EPís and one full length in four years. Their first effort for Touch & Go, Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful, was released in 1999. The vocals are sparse, and mostly performed by guest Lois Maffeo. Seth Warren became a permanent member of the group after coming into the studio to record some violin tracks.

Due to Jeremiah and Jamesí hectic touring schedules (playing in both Modest Mouse and 764-Hero), the band had a fairly infrequent touring life. Much like the music, the bandís way of carrying themselves was always a bit understated, choosing to play mostly at house parties as opposed to the standard indie circuit.