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The Monorchid

With their precise, antiseptic vocals, throbbing bombastic bass, guitars akin to an alter-kilter duel between Eddie Cochran and Robert Fripp and cartographic lock-and-groove percussion, The Monorchid charged ahead with Who Put Out the Fire?, their first and, sadly, last release on Touch and Go Records. Weeks after the five members of The Monorchid finished tracking their Touch and Go debut, they decided to call it quits.

The Monorchid originated when Chris Thomson and Chris Hamley of D.C.'s Circus Lupus joined forces with bassist Andy Coronado, guitarist Andy Cone and drummer Tom Allnutt. Their move to Touch and Go came after a short stint on D.C.'s Dischord which yielded their first full-length record in early 1997, Let Them Eat.