Retreat from Memphis

Retreat from Memphis | Mekons

Release Date: 05/02/1994

Catalog Number: QS26

Format: CD


  1. Eve Future
  2. Lucky Devil
  3. Do I Know You?
  4. Insignificance (Conversation With Roche)
  5. His Bad Dream
  6. Our Bad Dream
  7. The Flame That Killed John Wayne
  8. Ice Rink in Berlin
  9. Spinning Round in Flames
  10. Machine
  11. Hostle Mascot
  12. Chemical Wedding
  13. Spirals of Paranoia
  14. Missing You All
  15. Submerged
  16. Soldier
  17. Never Work

Album Art

  • Retreat from Memphis

Retreat from Memphis

Retreat from Memphis | Mekons

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Eve Future   
Lucky Devil   
Do I Know You?   
Insignificance (Conversation With Roche)   
His Bad Dream   
Our Bad Dream   
The Flame That Killed John Wayne   
Ice Rink in Berlin   
Spinning Round in Flames   
Hostle Mascot   
Chemical Wedding   
Spirals of Paranoia   
Missing You All   
Never Work   

Album Art

  • Retreat from Memphis
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    Band Member Info


    Private "Tommy" Atkins - Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer
    Oberlieutenant Von Timme - Vocals, Guitar on Submerged
    South Wales Borderer - Vocals, Guitar, Machines
    W.S.P.L.F. Corina V.C. & Bar-Bass, Vocals on Submerged
    Galloping Major LaFalce - Drums beyond the call of duty
    Gunner "Mitch" Milligan - Vocals on Spirals of Paranoia, Backed orders on Hostile Mascot and Our Bad Dream
    Bombadier "Barry" B. - Vocals on Our Bad Dream
    Sapper "Honey" Honeymoon - Fiddle and Missing You All with the Doom Platoon
    Lance Corporal "Willy" Goulding - Drums on Chemical Wedding
    Petty Officer "Sammy" Ladvig - Electric guitar on Submerged, Acoustic on Insignificance and Chemical Wedding, Group Solo on Our Band Dream
    Generalissimo Trumfio - Drumstick Guitar on Machine and Backing Vocals on Never Work
    Morag McHoneyperson - Piano on Our Bad Dream