Spiderland (remastered) Box Set

Spiderland (remastered) Box Set | Slint

Release Date: 04/15/2014

Catalog Number: TG364BOX

Format: BOX SET


  1. breadcrumb trail (remastered)
  2. nosferatu man (remastered)
  3. don, aman (remastered)
  4. washer (remastered)
  5. for dinner... (remastered)
  6. good morning, captain (remastered)
  7. Nosferatu Man (basement practice)
  8. Washer (basement practice)
  9. Good Morning, Captain (demo)
  10. Pam (rough mix, Spiderland outtake)
  11. Glenn (Spiderland outtake)
  12. Todd's Song (post-Spiderland song in progress)
  13. Brian's Song (post-Spiderland demo)
  14. Cortez The Killer (live Chicago 1989)
  15. Washer (4 track vocal demo)
  16. Nosferatu Man (4 track vocal demo)
  17. Pam (4 track vocal demo)
  18. Good Morning, Captain (Evanston riff tape)
  19. Nosferatu Man (Evanston riff tape)
  20. Pam (Evanston riff tape)

Album Art

  • Spiderland (remastered) Box Set

Spiderland (remastered) Box Set

Spiderland (remastered) Box Set | Slint

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breadcrumb trail (remastered)   
nosferatu man (remastered)   
don, aman (remastered)   
washer (remastered)   
for dinner... (remastered)   
good morning, captain (remastered)   
Nosferatu Man (basement practice)   
Washer (basement practice)   
Good Morning, Captain (demo)   
Pam (rough mix, Spiderland outtake)   
Glenn (Spiderland outtake)   
Todd's Song (post-Spiderland song in progress)   
Brian's Song (post-Spiderland demo)   
Cortez The Killer (live Chicago 1989)   
Washer (4 track vocal demo)   
Nosferatu Man (4 track vocal demo)   
Pam (4 track vocal demo)   
Good Morning, Captain (Evanston riff tape)   
Nosferatu Man (Evanston riff tape)   
Pam (Evanston riff tape)   

Album Art

  • Spiderland (remastered) Box Set
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    Band Member Info



    Brian McMahan - Guitars, Vocals
    David Pajo - Guitars
    Todd Brashear - Bass
    Britt Walford - Drums, Vocals

    - Hand numbered limited edition of 3,138 copies.
    - Spiderland, remastered from the original analog master tapes by Bob Weston and pressed on 180 gram vinyl
    - Fourteen previously unreleased outtakes & demos personally selected by Slint, mastered by Bob Weston, and pressed on two 180 gram vinyl albums
    - 104 page book with over 100 never-before-seen photos documenting Slint's entire history, as well as lyrics to the songs on Spiderland, and a forward by Will Oldham
    - Remastered Spiderland on one CD, and the 14 bonus songs on a second CD
    - Breadcrumb Trail, a brand new, never-before-seen, 90 minute DVD documentary about Slint and the making of Spiderland; directed by Lance Bangs
    - Packaging concept and design by Louisville native Jeremy deVine (of Temporary Residence fame)
    - All packaging printed in the USA at Stoughton, including heavyweight, "tip-on" gatefold LP jackets
    - All three albums pressed at RTI in the USA on 180 gram vinyl